Gaming may sound contradictory when it comes to elderly healthcare. But recent expert publications show clearly that there is a future in serious gaming for seniors to enhance social, physical and mental wellbeing. The advantage of serious games is that they can be used in a playful way, in the well-known situation at home. While the user works with the game to improve her of his balance, the equipment can measure whether the exercise is properly executed and can adjust itself accordingly. It can also encourage the user and in case of an emergency, a caretaker can
be warned. In this project we will be working according to an interactive design process, following designers’ principle: concepts and prototypes will be built through co-creation with users from the target group. The module is focused on the elderly generation and their healthcare improvement through serious games. In cooperation with our partner TAKOMAT from Germany, one of the main leaders in Serious Games creation throughout Europe, we will carry out this module and take advantage of their experience, which will be added to Waag Academy modules. The module will take place in Prague, Czech Republic.