Fablab (Fabrication Laboratory) module is a series of workshops, where one can learn the basics that need to work with the machines and new technologies and to get know the basic issues of that area. The Fablab encourages people to translate their ideas into physical prototypes and new products and to share knowledge and designs. Among others this series of workshops offers work with 3Dprinter, 3Dscan or using Arduino on artistic field. Fablab is starting on
January 16th 2014 and every month there will be one out of 5 workshops, which take place at DOX, the Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague.

Fablabs are thus the ideal, inspiring and informal learning environments to develop those 21st Century Skills in a completely natural way. Originally the Fablab is a space with high tech equipment for making prototypes and models, following the concept of Neil Gershenfeld of MIT Center for Bits and Atoms.