Learning by making.
With a focus on creativity, technology and entrepreneurship. That is what the project FabSchool is about. With this project WA make various Fablabs, or high-tech production locations, structurally accessible to young people, which is unique in the world. FabSchool responds to current social and economic needs and trends and reflects the interests and the world of young people. Today, they are growing up in an entirely new society - the 21st Century - but we still prepare them to function in an old society. FabSchool changes this
and ensures that creativity and technology come together. With this project, we stimulate the skills needed for tomorrow’s society: art, creativity, entrepreneurship and critical reflection.

Problem solving ability.
By participating in FabSchool, young people develop problem solving skills: they start seeing that they themselves are able to solve seemingly big problems. They learn how to turn these problems into concrete and executable ideas. We show them how technology works, what processes lie behind technological solutions and what opportunities technology offers. With this knowledge they are able to realize their ideas.